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  • Analisis Potensi Ekowisata Bahari di Pulau Tabuhan Kab. Banyuwangi
    Penulis : Sindu Budi H
    Dosen Pembimbing I : Zainul Hidayah S.Pi. M.App. Sc
    Dosen Pembimbing II :Prof. Ir. M. Zainuri M.Sc


    Tabuhan island is an island that has an area of 48,237 m², one of the potential can be developed on the island of Tabuhan are marine ecotourism, among others include: beaches, snorkelling and diving). The purpose of this study was to analyze the island of Tabuhan as marine ecotourism travel category seagrass, diving and snorkeling. The method used to interpret Quickbird imagery and combine data on the suitability for seagrass ecotourism, snorkeling and diving. Value suitability seagrass 49.20 (S1 or area that is less suitable for ecotourism region seagrass). Value suitability snorkling 73.64 (S2 or areas suitable for ecotourism snorkling), value congruence diving 70.37%. Island Tabuhan suitable to be used as diving and snorkeling tourist area but is less suitable for ecotourism seagrass areas. Keywords: ecotourism, Tabuhan Island, land suitability.

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