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  • Lady Macbeth's Somnambulism in Shakespeare's Macbeth
    Penulis : Tri Maryono
    Dosen Pembimbing I : Dr. Suryo Tri Saksono
    Dosen Pembimbing II :Suci Suryani, S.S., M.Pd


    ABSTRACT Maryono, Tri. Lady Macbeths Somnambulism in Shakespeares Macbeth. Thesis. English Study Program of the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences, University of Trunojoyo Madura. Advisors: (I) Dr. Suryo Tri Saksono (II) Suci Suryani, S.S., M.Pd. This Study is about Lady Macbeths somnambulism. This study focuses on how she performs somnambulism, the causes that make she becomes somnambulist and the effects to the play itself. In addition, this study focuses on Lady Macbeth becoming somnambulist. The theory of psychoanalysis is used in analyzing the Lady Macbeths somnambulism. Psychoanalysis and literature is used to be the underlying theory that focuses on the use of psychological values in literature. Unconscious used to be underlying theory that focuses on human experience that stored as their memories. Somnambulism used to described and analyze the somnambulism that infects her mind. In addition, this study uses qualitative design. The data for this study are limited to the words that connected and explained her somnambulism. In collecting the data, this study uses documentation method. The technique in getting the data are reading and observing the play, finding the data by random sampling, putting sign, and identify the words, taking the data, grouping and presenting in data display. After analyzing the play, it concludes that Lady Macbeth is a somnambulist marked by awake in the night and doing daily activities but all her sense are shuts. It means that all her performances are unconscious. Lady Macbeths somnambulism is caused by her several complexes repressed experiences, her emotional conflicts, the influence of the three witches, and the ghosts appearance. Her somnambulism in the play contributes complexities to the play. Shakespeare conducts the scene of somnambulism or sleepwalking to the figure of Lady Macbeth as the final consequences she must finally get. It shows the humanity values of the play, evil deeds finally repaid. The somnambulism of Lady Macbeth also shows the degradation of Lady Macbeth from the very beginning to the last in which she finally suicides. The degradation of Lady Macbeth shows the changing of evil-like woman to the most suffered woman showing the real nature of her. Key Word: Somnambulism, Lady Macbeth, Unconscious.

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